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Mysterium Escape Adventure "The Inheritance" Escape Room Boone NC

Things to know about this room:

  • ​Theatrical lights/sounds

  • Fog effects

  • Static shock effect


Dear old Uncle Ambrose, the most accomplished explorer and adventurer of our time, has sadly passed on. Fortunately for you and the rest of his nieces and nephews, his incredible and limitless fortune has been left behind. 


From beyond the grave Uncle Ambrose is living up to his eccentric reputation and challenging you to solve his greatest mysteries. Only then will you inherit his money. 


Be warned, his trickery knows no bounds while many of his antiquities hold ancient and terrible curses. 


Can you outwit the most interesting man in the world and take home his incredible fortune?


Number of Players: Up to 6

Price per Person: $25

Age Restrictions: 

Under 18 accompanied by a parent or guardian

Private Room: Available for groups less than 6 to ensure no other participants can book and enter the room with you. Equivalent of booking all 6 tickets.

Hints allowed




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