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vice miami escape room mysterium


You and your team of vice detectives in 1980s Miami have been framed for murder. Your lieutenant suspects this is the handiwork of the area's biggest drug cartel leader, Calderone. You’ve been working for months deep undercover to set up a meet with Calderone to get the evidence needed to finally bring him down once and for all. Now this charge threatens to not only derail the entire investigation, but also throw you and your team in the slammer!

In one hour the warrant will be signed by a bought judge and you and your colleagues will be arrested. Your lieutenant has given you free range during this time to investigate the bogus charge, expose a suspected mole in the department, and bring down Calderone and his entire cartel while clearing your name. You must work fast, the mole has made a mess of the department! And with the heat on, Calderone won’t be sticking around Miami much longer.


Stay cool to win this game or spin out of bounds!

Players - Up to 8

Age - Under 18 accompanied by adult 

Hints allowed - 3

Admission - $25/player

Private Room Option - Available for groups less than 8 to ensure that no other participants may purchase tickets and enter the room with you.

Difficulty - HARD

Things to know about this room:

  • ​Theatrical lights/sounds

  • Fog effects

  • Low Clearance/Crawling

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