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Escape Room Team Building in Boone, NC: A Work Event Like No Other

Are you looking for a fun, unique team-building experience that can get your employees out of the conventional office environment and allow them to bond while still working together?  Mysterium Escape Adventure's escape room team building in Boone, NC, is the perfect activity for your team to put their minds together to achieve a common goal: escape the room before it’s too late! Not only will teams find clues and answer puzzling questions that will lead them to escape our challenging rooms, but this special team-building experience will also lead your crew to discover relevant tactics and techniques that can translate into the office. 

Our interactive, themed escape games will naturally reveal what type of team player you are and how you fit into your distinctive group. They will reinforce individual strengths and weaknesses and even present new ones that you didn't know were there. For example, a team member might know he/she is an impeccable analytical thinker, and therefore wants to solve all the puzzles and crack the codes. Throughout the game, however, other team members realize that he/she is also outstanding at delegating different tasks to others in an orderly manner. This may lead that team member to discover new managerial tactics that they can incorporate in the office within their team. 

Our local, homegrown escape adventures can also assist teams in communicating under time-intensive measures. Work environments can be stressful and demanding at times. Communication can get frustrating when teams are trying to meet a specific deadline. Our escape games allow groups to work together in meeting a deadline in an enjoyable, relaxed setting that is meant to bring out excitement and cheers despite the outcome of the game. 

Win or lose, teams will gain valuable experience and learn more about each other than they ever could've imagined. We can't wait to see you accept the challenge and try out the only escape room team building in Boone, NC. Please reach out to us if you have any questions! 

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