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Mysterium Escape Adventure’s Themed Escape Rooms in Boone, NC

We are a local, homegrown escape room. Our themed escape rooms in Boone, NC, are made from scratch and our rooms are all built in-house. That means you will have a completely original experience!

Our rooms have lavish themes with interactive clues and riddles. Automated scenes bring our stories to life making you a part of the game. 


Expect the unexpected! A clue can be as simple as a key or as elaborate as a hidden passageway. We use video, light, audio, and other elements to immerse you in the adventure and make the only themed escape rooms in Boone, NC, one of a kind.

You Have 1 Hour to Escape!

60 minutes will pass quickly! Are you up for the challenge? 

Up to 8 People per Room

Choose your team wisely!

Please arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for preparation. 

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mysterium escape adventure room game boone nc


Choose your Escape!

Click room for more info.

Number of Players: 8

Admission: $25

College Students: $20 (current college ID required) 

Private Room: $150 - Available for groups of 6 or less to ensure that no other participants will enter the room with your group. 

Age Restrictions: Under 18 accompanied by a parent or guardian

* Cash Discount Available in-store only - 6% off (booking fee)*



T-Shirts Now Available!

Men, Women, and Children sizes.

Shirts, Buttons, Magnets and other merch. are available to purchase in-store.

Ghost Tour

 Mountaineer Mystery Tour 

Walk the eerie back alleys of downtown Boone while our storyteller entertains you with tales of ghosts and strange happenings.


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