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Downtown Boone North Carolina Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt Mysterium Escape Adventure
Mysterium Escape Adventure Boone Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

An outdoor
    MURDER Mystery                                adventure!

- This is an OUTDOOR activity and weather dependent -

There has been a rash of murders in downtown Boone and your team from the FBI has been brought in to aid local detectives. Using case files from the local PD, your team will scour downtown to solve the case. Visit crime scenes and decipher clues until you narrow down the suspects, murder weapons, and motives! 

How does it work?

You'll be given a field pack and a map. On the map is each crime scene that you'll visit in downtown Boone. In the field pack you'll find investigation reports, evidence, and items you'll need along the way.


Your team will work together to solve the puzzles at each location, eliminating suspects, murder weapons, and motives. Once you solve every puzzle you will submit who you think is the suspect responsible for the murders. 


*Disclaimer* This game is a challenge, you'll be working with your team solving clues, puzzles, and riddles. While children may attend, this is not a game designed specifically for kids. It requires teamwork, problem solving skills, and dedication to complete the game on your own without the help of a guide. You will be walking around downtown Boone.

Admission - $25/player

* Cash Discount Available, must be booked in-store only - 10% off *

Players - 8 max., 4 minimum

Age - Under 18 accompanied by adult 

Mysterium Escape Adventure Boone Murder Mystery North Carolina Scavenger Hunt


What happens if the weather is bad?

Our game can still be played even in light rain. Of course this is completely up to you. Refunds are available if the weather is not agreeable. 

How much walking is involved?

Everything is concentrated within the downtown Boone area, approx. a 2 block radius. 

What do we need to play the game?

At least one cell phone capable of taking photos and sending them via text. You will also need the ability to receive texts and photos.  

Do we need to be familiar with downtown Boone?

Not at all. You'll visit specific locations around downtown by following the map that you're given. This is a great way to not only enjoy solving a murder mystery but also explore downtown Boone!

How long does it take?

Allow a minimum of 2 hours. Most groups spend around 2.5 hours to solve the case. You may solve at your own pace, there is no time limit other than returning to Mysterium by 8pm.

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